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Beauty with a Conscience


Here’s the good news. Our understanding of what beauty is and how it works is beginning to change. And not before time, right? Thankfully, beauty is no longer simply about the way we look (actually, it never was), it’s also about how we feel and how we interact with the world around us. It’s a multi-faceted jewel and – here’s the really good bit – it has a conscience.

Our pod refill system is part of the shift towards a new kind of beauty. It not only gives you great flexibility when it comes to your beauty routine (and beauty should never be hard, it should be fun!), it’s also super-sustainable. That’s because, with our refill system, you never have to throw away your palette or pot. Instead, all you need to do is pop out your old pod and pop in the new.

Simple to use? Yep. Good for the planet? You bet. Sustainable? Flexible? In keeping with our times? Tick, tick and tick. If you’re yet to give our refill system a whirl, then now’s the time. Because it’s beautiful. It really is.

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How to refill your pot or palette

Step one.

Remove lid on the pot or flip over the palette. Find a sturdy bobby pin or paper clip and open it up.

Step two.

Insert the bobby pin or paper clip into the hole on to the base of the pot or palette of the pod you’re replacing.

Step three.

Give it a little wiggle to find the hole at the top to pop the empty pod out of the pot. No wiggling is required for the palette.

Step four.

Now it’s out with the old pod and in with the new. Ta-dah! Just like new!