Our work with Indian Community Farms


This is something which touches our hearts. We source many of our ingredients from community farms in India, where organic farming practices have helped revitalize rural towns and villages; small communities whose very lifestyle has previously been threatened by the overuse of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

We’ve forged some amazing relationships with our farming partners and visit them regularly. When we do, we’re always overwhelmed not only by the love they have for their land, but also the incredible quality of the organic ingredients they nurture. These ingredients – plants and herbs like turmeric, calendula, amaranth, holy basil and honeysuckle – carry an essential energy which elevates them. They’re good for the land, great for the people who work with them, and nothing short of brilliant for you, when you put them your skin!

Pictured here is Santosh, one of our farming partners who produces organic Turmeric which goes into many of our products.