We’ve got a thing for certification (completely platonic, of course, but a thing, even so). You’ll notice when you shop for our products that they come with a whole lot of symbols, all of them a guarantee that we’re doing the kind of things you want us to do and which we expect of ourselves. Important certifications include:


BioGro is a highly respected organic Certifications Agency which, like us, is based in New Zealand. The good folks who work there set high standards (the same standards as Natrue in the US), and we work hard not only to meet them, but surpass them. Whenever you see the BioGro stamp on one of our products, that means it’s ‘Made with Organics’, which is a guarantee that the product contains over 70% organic ingredients. In addition to this, we list the organic and natural percentage of each and every product we make on our packaging.

Cruelty Free

This is a no-brainer. We just don’t get why anyone needs (or would want) to test their products on animals.


Our products are certified vegan by the UK Vegan Society. You don’t want to make them part of your diet, but we guarantee that your skin will eat them up! Oh, and by the way, our products are gluten free too.